Struck Out by Grief
Why the Yankees Lost the Series

Alex Rodriguez, known to New York Yankees fans as “A-Rod,” was a star player, a $25 million investment. During the regular baseball season he scored a batting average of .321 and hit 48 home runs. But, in the playoff finals against the Los Angeles Angels, his average had dropped to .133, and he batted in no runs at all. In the ninth inning of the final game, with two men on base, the fans grew silent expecting the “old” A-Rod to hit a home run and snatch victory from defeat. It didn't happen. In his own words, he “played like a dog.”
Days later his mother revealed that A-Rod's uncle – who was like a father to him -- died just before the play-offs. The Yankee star told no one. He thought he could handle it. His managers and fellow players never saw his grief. Yet a million baseball fans saw the result of his sadness. If only he had received professional bereavement counseling!