Personal Counseling Services

Individual Bereavement Counseling
is offered at our offices for those who have chosen to cope with their personal grief or the consequences of any type of loss.

While most bereavement counseling deals with illness or loss of life, similar approaches are often helpful for other personal issues the deterioration of a relationship with parent, child, spouse or special friend, a financial loss or a career setback.
Clients are helped to anticipate the anger, guilt, sadness and other emotions associated with the death of a loved one and to focus on gaining positive values, reinforcing self-esteem and attaining the coping skills so important to rebuilding one's life and enjoying new relationships.     
Many men and women resort to repression and denial. I'm OK, they lie, I'm strong. I can get over it. The feelings of loss then fester to slowly corrupt their confidence, their character, and their relations with friends, family, relatives and co-workers. Years later, they find themselves unable to enjoy a new relationship, to commit to it, or to consummate it. Unraveling buried grief is a more complex and time-consuming process than dealing with it.
The typical program includes a two-hour initial consultation, followed by six weekly one-hour sessions and two semi-annual follow-up sessions. 
Afterwards, participants will have an option to attend group sessions led by Ms. Nash personally or to continue counseling with a Nash-trained therapist qualified to address the client's remaining issues. Associates directed by Diana Nash are available in major cities in the US and Canada.