Corporate Employee Assistance

If your company doesn't offer counseling services to key employees who experience a death in their family or another form of loss, your business is risking losses also.
Bereavement counseling is often looked at as an optional employee benefit. But it is also a value to the corporation as insurance against costly errors, oversights and unnecessary desertions.

Employees may pretend that they are “OK.” Yet they are often burdened with depression, fear for their own life expectancy, and sometimes guilt over some aspect of the lost relationship. They may experience awkwardness in accepting condolences from supervisors, peers and subordinates. They may become easily annoyed, discouraged and distracted. Sooner or later, their productivity and performance will be affected.
Every business manager knows of a valued employee who mistakenly thought he or she could handle their own grief. But before long, it resulted in making a costly error, losing a valued client, or even losing an experienced executive. It doesn't have to be like that. You can help your star executives recover by letting us provide professional bereavement counseling quickly, when it counts most. Here's what we do:
  1. We educate department heads or human resources managers on how to know when someone is grieving and to explain the new Assistance Program you are offering.
  2. We meet with the employee after hours to begin the healing process and help them put the loss into their overall perspective. We then meet once a week to deal with traumatic effects, office stresses and other issues as they emerge. Our goal is to help each individual find new strength from the loss and to resolve any work stresses at home or in the office.
  3. Our corporate fees are reasonable. A nominal retainer credited to hourly fees, will secure our availability.